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Hi there, thank you for visiting our website to learn more about us (Ginny & Richard) and how we are helping others to get out of debt and begin creating a Net Worth that one couldn't imagine.  

Here are a few facts:

- 78% of the working population live Paycheck to Paycheck

- 64% of people can't cover a $1k emergency expense

- $163,577 is the average 401k for ages 56 - 61

- Majority of people are not taught about Money or Wealth Building

Ginny and I became certified Dave Ramsey Financial Coach so we can work with you in changing your financial lives and achieving your dreams.   We are able to provide financial coaching services in a wide range of financial areas and situations. 

We also have lots of life experience with raising 3 young adults, putting them through college debt free, creating a nice retirement fund, living in a nice home and having vacations.   

Our career backgrounds include CPA, Finance and Investment Broker. 

Here are some more interesting facts:

- One third of millionaires never had a six-figure household income

- 79% of millionaires reached millionaire status through their employer retirement plan

- The top two factors to becoming wealthy are Discipline & Consistency

Ginny and I are excited to meet and help you achieve your Financial Dreams.  Please know this: Anyone can win! Believe you can change! You become what you think about!

Go ahead and join our community Today and lets start a long term relationship. 

My life purpose is to inspire those I meet to live a fulfilling life by pursuing their passions and help them achieve million dollar wealth. Richard Crooke

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